Thursday, 9 May 2013

Disclosure is Happening, Gradually and Controlled

I have been doing video blogs on YouTube for a while now, and have decided that it is a logical development to post them here on my personal blog site.

The disclosures of ET existence which began 'accidentally' with Medvyedev's aside when off air last year have begun to gather momentum, first with Dr Stephen Greer's 'Sirius' movie, and now with the Citizen's Hearings on Disclosure in Washington.

It is my view that this is being controlled in such a way that it gradually comes into awareness, it will become viral.  There will be no landing on the White House lawn, and no televised statement by Obama, at least until it has become such a common understanding throughout the human world that it is no shock.

Former Canadian Defence Secretary Paul Hellyer has stated unequivocally at the Citizen's Hearings on Disclosure in Washington DC that there are at least four alien species in contact with humans and he has gone on to explain the deliberate withholding of this information by the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bildebergs and so forth of the Cabal, pretty much confirming the basic 'conspiracy world' view of the structure of geopolitical influence.

But it seems to me that there may be hidden agendas going on behind this as I am not convinced that all alien species are benign, such as the so-called alien 'Grays' who have ostensibly been abducting people in their sleep for decades.  We must be sure that we don't get hoodwinked into thinking of species such as these as saviours when it is likely they have their own agendas, especially as some of the alien species seem to have covert dealings with the American military.

The unavoidable is being admitted, but it may be getting out due to a managed programme intended to be exploited in certain ways by those who could exploit it.

Much more will develop as world events gather pace towards the major consciousness shift which this will inevitably engender.


  1. So, there are 3 or 4 alien ‘species’ in contact with world governments / cabals/ Illuminatti. So as not to cause panic said governments are letting us know about this by dropping hints . Eventually the aliens will share the secret of free energy and save our world from pollution.

    Sorry I find this just stretches my credulity too far. We have to apply Occam's razor . How about this as an alternative description of this point in history. The planet is controlled by cliques of power hungry psychopaths whose only value is to grab and hold on to power, from each other as much as from the plebs. This is as it has been for millennia. We are reaching a breaking point where human activity will cause a general planetary collapse , soon. There will be no direct rescue by aliens , angels or divine intervention. We have to fix this thing ourselves. This is a law of the universe , no returns without some effort. Each of us has the responsibility now to raise ourselves to our best through whichever practices that have been shown to us. We also have a responsibility that we encourage others to reach upward. The act of reaching up and visualising a positive outcome induces the likelihood of that outcome becoming actual. Fear is a random noise but positive thoughts are unitary and reinforce each other. It is a time to be positive not fearfully await a rescue.

    1. If what you impute to me was what I had actually said, then you might have a point. However, and I believe I have already made the same point to you on Facebook, what you assert here is not what I have suggested.

      I am not clear whether you have listened to everything I say on the video, or properly understood it, but to clarify, I am not saying that the aliens will be saviours, nor that they will give us free energy devices or whatever.

      I do say that I am very cautious about the disclosure process and what is behind it. I do believe that this is being allowed to happen as it can no longer be hidden and so could well be getting manipulated by the elites who wish to put their spin on it and thereby exploit it. I say that if this leads to a ‘World Government’ I do not feel it would be a good thing.

      I say also that the so-called ‘Gray’ aliens are definitely not friendly since they carry out crimes against humanity if what we hear reported is true. Of the other species I cannot say, although involvement with the US military seems pretty dubious to me.

      My significant point about disclosure is far from expecting the ETs to be our saviours.

      What I believe is important is that if it were more widely recognised that ETs exist, then the mindset of the world would change. People would be much more ready to see the corruption and control that has been foisted on us for countless years and might actually start doing something about it.

      As to energy devices: Again, I never said or suggested that the ETs would give us these or that I thought there would be any direct rescue or divine intervention ~ this is the fantasy which you incorrectly project onto me. Of course we have to sort this out ourselves, but we do not have to each individually reinvent the wheel, or each individually overcome the cabal. That is ludicrous if you don’t mind me saying. We each have a different part to play, as we are each unique, so our parts will be also.

      However, if it is true, as Greer and Hellyer have suggested, that clean energy devices have been invented by HUMANS (such as Nicola Tesla and Stanley Meyer) then if these were disclosed we could start using them and go forward. I didn’t personally invent AC current or the Internet, and yet I am able to use them because they are part of human achievement. Similar with clean energy devices which have been invented but suppressed. I understand there are something like 5,000 patents in the US alone which have been suppressed.

      The whistleblowers at the top are each doing their part as we must each in our own lives. I do not have access to the kinds of knowledge, information or experiences that Edgar Mitchell or Paul Hellyer have. If I had to find that all out myself, if we each had to do that, we would never get there. Could a Masai tribesman do that with his resources? Could a Jamaican fisherman, or a single mother on benefits? No, they have different paths.

      Sure, we each need to raise ourselves to be all that we can. But how will that work? Sitting at home meditating is all fine, and I do it, but we must act as well. The cabal is not going to fall just through thought power alone. Sharing information and discussing it is part of what I do, but I am also politically active in my community.

      With respect to this last point of raising vibration, I would add that if you want us all to do so, then all well and good, but lead by example. Debate with me by all means, but be courteous, listen to what I have said, don’t give aggressive and disrespectful responses to things that you imagine I have said but actually didn’t. Furthermore, I have not advocated or promoted fear, as you seem to suggest.

      If you make further responses which impute things to me which I have not said, then I will not allow them through moderation, as they amount to lies and I am not going to give space to that on my page. Thankyou.