Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Nature of the Game

Tonight I try to address the accusations I have received that I am fear mongering.  Either I have need of refining what I am trying to say about dealing with the spiritual challenges we each face daily, or my critic has misunderstood me when I talk about the existence of the darker side of our world.

Or perhaps a bit of both.

To me the challenges are about accepting them without getting trapped in predetermined responses or apprehensions about the future based on past experience.  Consciousness is fluid and we can mold it into any shape.  We can face our difficulties with courage or we can face them with fear.  This is why I begin the talk with the Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear.

Like mediaeval alchemists transforming themselves we must look our demons in the eye, we must face them, not deny their existence and turn our backs on them because then they will haunt our footsteps and we will always have them at our heals.  They are only a denied and discarded part of us anyway.  This is the Trickster side of the Ego which plays tricks on us, confusing and puzzling us, to either trap us or encourage us to evolve and is at the core of the game of existence and consciousness that we are engaged in ~ it is the Nature of the Game, as Jagger and Richards put it so many years ago in the controversial 'Sympathy for the Devil'.

The spiritual warrior faces the responses in themselves evoked by external experiences and so grows.  It is not promoting fear to look at the evil about us, it takes courage to face these things rather than ignore them and deny them.  By seeing our own responses to facts and situations we can gain insight into our own natures.  This is the Jungian approach to uncovering the archetypes which hide within the unconscious, especially the Shadow ~ that part of ourselves that we are most ready to deny.

By this we learn to grow spiritually and become empowered.

When we have begun to transform our inner selves, then we are able to start effecting transformation in the outer world.

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