Friday, 16 November 2012

Palestine and the Fremen

And so begins the great battle of our time.

The military might of the Zionist machine has begun to pound the near defenceless people of Gaza and tanks roll into the West Bank.  Of the population of Gaza, half are children, something in excess of 600,000, another 300,000 are women, tens of thousands more are elderly, survivors of a life of exclusion and oppression.

The controlled Western media has been bought and sold by the interests whose only concern is to create an hegemony of fear in the Middle East.  The average Israeli citizen is mere cattle and cannon fodder to the elite.  An elite which transcends the boundaries of the Israeli state, and many of whom are not even Jewish. 

It’s not personal against the Palestinians.  They are just in the way, an inconvenient obstacle in one sense, but also a convenient example to the rest of the world of what is round the corner, what the elites have planned for us all.  We must all fear, and submit to the transnational fascist dictatorship which is rapidly spreading its tentacles around the globe.

This will fail.

In his epic tale, ‘Dune’, the best selling science fiction book of all time, Frank Herbert gives us the Fremen, the dispossessed inhabitants of the desert world Arrakis, the Dune of the title.  Driven into the deep desert for ten thousand years the Fremen have learnt to survive in the most extreme adversity.  In a world where every drop of water is precious beyond measure they have adapted to reclaim even the moisture from their breath.  ‘Water discipline’ is fundamental to their culture, to their survival.  And alongside this, absolute loyalty to their people.

The Palestinian people are the Fremen of our world today.  In the bombed out ruins of the largest concentration camp in the world, Gaza, social cohesion remains, is strengthened by absolute loyalty to their own people.  I have been moved to tears by the first hand reports from, amongst others, Max Igan,    the Australian peace and truth broadcaster who found his way into the Gaza strip and made rooftop webcasts about the conditions the people of that place are forced to endure.  He described the fortitude of the people in this place forgotten by the ‘free’ peoples of the West, and how they live with constant power outages, salt water showers and closed borders, even to neighbouring Arab Egypt.

In ‘Dune’, the corrupt and decadent House Harkonnen usurp control of the planet from House Atreides, and drive its heir, Paul, into the hands of the Fremen.  Dune is the only source in the galaxy of spice melange, a priceless commodity which enables interstellar travel, and without which galactic trade would cease.  For spice, read oil.  Palestine has no oil, but Palestine is only the tip of the iceberg of the Arab world, rich in oil.  Over the last decade we have seen how the insatiable greed of the West has made war on the Arab world for, amongst other things, its oil.  Iraq, Libya and of course Iran is in the sights.

Palestine is the continuing example, in the event that anyone forgets the million dead in Iraq, the mutant babies born out of depleted uranium pollution in Falluja, the ruins of Tripoli, the Afghan villagers strafed by drones, the paid mercenaries undermining the Syrian regime, and the military hegemony of Israel, paid for by America tax dollars.

But the fascist dictatorship fails to understand a critical fact of the human spirit. 

In the Second World War, both sides attempted to break the will of the opponents by bombing civilian populations.  It failed. 

We here in the West live in a culture of complacency, lulled into a sleepwalk of tv gameshows and soap operas, illusions, sugar coated candyfloss which has no substance but which rots the mind like sugar to the teeth.

The Palestinian people are the true, forgotten heroes of our world, surviving the tyranny, building their inner strength like the Fremen.  They are the example the world needs to wake up to what is going on.  Even should they be genocidally wiped from the planet it will only serve to awaken the conscience of humanity, to show us all the mettle which is required to live in dignity.

Remember this.  It is better to die Free, than to live in chains in a gilded cage of the mind.  The hero need not be undefeated, only undaunted, and his cause will never be lost.

The dignity of the Palestinian people puts to shame a world of MTV pop culture and self absorbed consumerism.  They have built a meme vital to the future of the human race, and one which we must learn if we are to survive and overcome the tyranny which threatens to destroy not only freedom, but eventually the whole planetary ecosystem with its deforestation and poisons.

They are building, have already built, the meme of courage, of integrity, of social cohesion in the face of apparently overwhelming oppression.

The diamond is created under the greatest extremes of temperature and pressure to become the strongest known substance.  In Buddhism, the enlightened being is said to have built the ‘Diamond Body’, resistant to all attack because it has been built through experience from which comes a sort of psychic immune system.

The Palestinians are the example of the Diamond Body of the human race.  The morphic field of this is going out and setting a new resonance in the planet, even to those who are unaware of what is going on in Gaza or the West Bank.  We see it everywhere, even in the West.  Continuing massive demonstrations against the corrupt Corporatocracy which has stolen our freedoms and our pensions, rising awareness of the corruption which has been purposely hidden from us for decades, even centuries.  The Hillsborough cover up, the Savile affair, Libor, the massive law suit against the greatest financial houses, the largest in history, which when courageously reported on CNBC led within hours to the brutal murder of the chief executives children, and the murder of the child’s nanny who was transparently framed for the act.

And yet the tyrants and dictators, who hold their positions in fiduciary trust to the people, exercise more and more surveillance upon us, working to make us mistrust our fellows, when it is they who are untrustworthy, it is they who have sold us down the river to bloated banks and the military industrial complex who see war as not only the most profitable business, but the ideal means of psychological control of a weakened and submissive population.

In Dune, the Fremen rise under the leadership of Paul Atreides, Muad’Dib, more ferocious and fearless even than the Emperor’s Sardaukar, the SS of their time.  If the great battle of our time is not to be fought on such terms of violence and bloodshed we must learn the lessons of the Palestinians, of the Fremen.  We must learn to stand shoulder to shoulder with our fellows, to stand up and be counted, to call out the corruption of governments, politicians and bankers who are stealing our world and our freedoms from under our very noses.  This great battle is one of the mind, the heart, of the human spirit.

They can kill our bodies, but they cannot kill the human spirit.  That is why the want to drug us to sleep with chemical additives and genetically modified food, aspartame, fluoride, hypnotic television shows and consumerism.  In a way the global fascist dictatorship will cause the awakening to its tyranny because of its insatiable greed and impatience.  They could have kept on slowly bleeding us dry like they have done for so many generations.  But now, for some reason, they have become impatient, they can wait no longer, it is not enough to contain the Palestinians, they must be eradicated.  This is their fatal mistake.  Like a predator which moves too soon in the long grass they have begun to show their hand.  An illusion once perceived can never be unseen again.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr. once said ‘I have a dream, that the people will rise up….’  We have now reached that time, when we must rise up, we must find that diamond body of absolute determination within ourselves, and say No More!  If we all found that courage, if the people of Israel who have been so led into this through the deception of their leaders refused to allow the oppression and genocide of their neighbours, then the great tyranny would be brought down, for it stands only on our compliance.

The Palestinians know, as the Fremen knew, what is important.  Standing in truth and honour with your fellows against the jackboot of tyranny, against the boot that Orwell described as grinding in the face of humanity for ever.  The alternative is to give way into compliance with the bombing and murder of innocent civilians, and to do so is to abandon all humanity.  Work in your sphere of influence, however small, and it will build.

Speak your truth, walk the talk, stand up in non compliance with the global fascist tyranny which every day shows its face more clearly.  Comply and say nothing, do nothing and while today it is merely the lost and forgotten Palestinians, tomorrow it will be the world, it will be you and me, it has already begun and too many are blind, hypnotised by the glamours of illusion.

We must learn integrity, compassion, courage.  We must reclaim our humanity and see what we share with the Palestinians, the Fremen.  Awake!

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