Friday, 18 July 2014

Leeds Trolleybus Enquiry Day 36

Leeds Trolleybus Enquiry Day 36

18 July 2014

Today in response to requests I have re-ordered the way the title listings are written on the Mixcloud site where the audio recordings of the Public Enquiry are hosted.

The titles will now begin with the day number and sessions are given a letter, hence the first session of day 36 reads: Day 36a  since some people were finding that the date and session listing were not fitting onto their screens and therefore weren't able to find the one they were looking for.

I have also made up an archive list of links that I will post as a blog so that they are all there in one place.  I intend in due course to also add the blurbs from this blog to each link, but that is a lot more work.

So here are the links for today's sessions given for the first time in the new format, I hope it is helpful to potential listeners.

Commentary on the day will be added shortly

In the first morning session of Day 36 of the Leeds Trolleybus Planning Enquiry 18 July 2014 the day begins with more discussion on the ongoing situation with letters being exchanged with respect to the submission of the 370 page Heritage technical document. Following this Neil Cameron QC takes Mr Speak of Planning through his evidence in Chief.

On the late morning session of Day 36 of the Leeds Trolleybus Public Enquiry 18 July 2014 Neil Cameron QC completes his examination on Mr Speak's evidence in chief for Planning and then is followed by Mr Tony Ray who cross examines Mr Speak for the North West Leeds Transport Forum.

In the afternoon session of Day 36 of the Leeds Trolleybus Enquiry, 18 July 2014, the cross examination of Mr Speak for the Planning Policy on which the Trolleybus scheme rests is cross examined by Dr John Dickinson for Weetwood Resident's Association.

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