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Leeds Trolleybus Enquiry Day 32

Leeds Trolleybus Enquiry Day 32 

June 27  2014

Day 32 of the Enquiry saw the arrival of Mr Thomas Walker who was cross examined on the subject of the impact that NGT would have on the landscape and amenity along the proposed route of the trolleybus.

Links to audio streaming of the day’s three sessions are given here.  Many thanks to Dawn Carey Jones for today’s recordings.

In the first morning session of Day 32 of the Leeds Trolleybus Enquiry, June 27 2014, Mr Thomas Walker responsible for the landscape plans for the NGT route sets out the evidence in chief with Mr Walton taking him through his statement and summary.

In the late morning session of day 32 of the Leeds Trolleybus Public Enquiry, June 25 2014 Mr John Reid cross examines Mr Thomas Walker on the landscape design case for the applicants, NGT

In the afternoon session of day 32 of the Leeds Trolleybus Public Enquiry, firstly Mr Tony Ray, retired Town Planner, for the North West Leeds Transport Forum, and finally Mr Doug Kemp of West Park Resident's Association, cross examine Mr Thomas Walker on the landscape proposals for the NGT route should it be implemented.
The Enquiry now breaks for two weeks and the next session will be on Tuesday 15 July 2014 at 10am.

Due to the demanding nature of the second month of the Public Enquiry I have yet to write commentary on Day 32, but it will be added before the resumption on 15th July.

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