Friday, 31 October 2014

Leeds Trolleybus Enquiry Day 72

Leeds Trolleybus Public Enquiry

Day 72

Wednesday 31st October 2014

Audios of the two sessions of the final day at the enquiry now uploaded.
In the first morning session of Day 72 of the Leeds Trolleybus Public Enquiry, the final day, Wednesday 31st October 2014, after dealing with procedural matters and outstanding issues Neil Cameron QC commences the Closing Statement on behalf of the Applicant NGT for the trolleybus scheme proposals.

In the late morning of Day 72, and final session of the Leeds Trolleybus Public Enquiry, Wednesday 31st October 2014, Neil Cameron QC completes his Closing Statement on the NGT case for a trolleybus scheme.  There is then a short time given over to scheduling site visits including one to see First’s latest bus, some remaining questions are dealt with, and the Inspector draws the Enquiry to a close, thanking everyone for their good manners over the space of the six months in which it has sat. 

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