Thursday, 11 July 2013

Tolkien and Headingley : 2

Tolkien and Headingley : 2

Recently on my blog I introduced some ideas about Tolkien and his five year stay in Headingley and hereabouts when he taught Anglo-Saxon at Leeds University just up the road.

Not only are there, or were there, landmarks and landscape which can be descried as influences in Tolkien's work, or so I believe, but equally importantly they fit in with the way that his mind worked, his obsessions with languages, trees, roots, roads, pathways and all.

It is my belief that I have stumbled upon a previously unrecognised influence on Tolkien's work.  I have been working on this idea for a while now, and it came almost unbidden in response to my consideration of how Tolkien would feel about the loss of trees that he himself would have known to the insane depredations of trolleybus bypass ecovandals.

My own feeling is that the people need to be roused as Treebeard was in Lord of the Rings and not let their beautiful Shire be cut down by minds of metal and wheels.

My blogspot piece on this from last week

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