Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Dance of Life Video and New 'Waking The Monkey' Blog

Hi,  this is to let you know that I am moving new posts and further excerpts from my book 'Waking The Monkey' over to my dedicated blog

The latest addition is

My description of the full round of the Dance of Life and how I first learnt it at the Hundredth Monkey Camp in August 1995.

You can also view my demonstration of the Dance and pick up further links about its teaching and history on my YouTube channel

I will continue to post items of philosophical discussion here on my personal Cosmic Claire blog, the existing posts from 'Waking The Monkey' about the Hundredth Monkeying Camp will remain here on this site and there will be a certain amount of cross referencing of items and ideas.

I hope you will find it of interest, thanks for looking at my pages and videos!

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