Thursday, 23 June 2011

Waking The Monkey!

This is a brief posting to announce the change of working title for my book.  Initially, a long time ago I used 'Monkeying About', but that was only in the absence of something better.

About a year ago as I was working on the manuscript I decided to go with 'The Hundredth Monkey' as a title which would be recognised, referring as it does to Ken Keyes work which the Hundredth Monkeying Camp was drawing on as inspiration.  Recently I have reconsidered this, being as it was not my own original title.  You can't copyright a title, so it was never a formal problem in that way, but I guess I felt I needed something that was my own, that said something new, moved the concept on a step.

Then a couple of weeks ago, it kind of condensed out of the air.  I can't even remember the moment when it came, but soon it became clear that this was the one to go with...  Waking The Monkey.

A couple of allusions going on here...  the consciousness shift of awakening when our primate ancestors began to become self conscious in the human way that we have which is so unique, and the opening up to new ideas which the monkeys on those islands went through when they realised they could do things differently and their world was changed forever.  But also this is about the mass enlightenment of humanity...

As humans we so urgently need to wake to a new level of consciousness which is lighter, more fluid and open.  The Hundredth Monkey principle is about reaching a certain threshold... Waking The Monkey is about the process of transformation which takes place when you reach that threshold... and then step over it.  

So far in this blog I have posted mostly content from the book which is from the early stages of the camp experience, some of which may even be cut down from the final version.  Soon I shall be posting some excerpts from further down the line.  Catalytic experiences which forced me to look into the pain and darkness of my own Shadow, without which I would not have found the impetus, the motivation, the need even, to change.  The world is a confluence of billions of timelines.  A statistically significant number need to decide to go in a different direction from the way it has been in order to shift the balance.  To do this, we each need to decide to take responsibility for where this is all going, to reach that critical mass, to reach the Hundred Monkeys.  Often pain is the only way we can be made to awaken from our own sleep of complacency, and the world is in a great deal of pain right now.  We don't change the world by acting on others, we change it by changing ourselves, raising the vibration of the world one person at a time, outward from the centre of our being.  But when a few have awoken, others can catch on more easily and without so much pain...

It's time to Wake The Monkey!

copyright © 2011 Claire Rae Randall

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