Friday, 1 April 2011

Luck, Quantum Consciousness and Creating the Future

I remembered a cheeky metaphysical thought I had once had.  “I had this idea a while back about evolution.  We are each the end point of lines of ancestors who date back to the origin of life.  From a statistical point of view there must have been a lot of lucky breaks, the ancestors that were not too close to the volcano or the flood.  These ancestors didn’t have any special biological adaptations, they were just lucky and so survived.  So from a point of view of morphic resonance, we have inherited their luck!”

“Yeah, successful exploratory behaviour has a lot to do with luck, but what is luck?  Since all life is connected through the quantum web of consciousness underlying all manifestation and existence, then maybe luck is as much about connecting with what you need through ‘seeing’ it with the inner eye.”  He was well down with this conscious creation thing.  “Knowing what it is that you need or are looking for and thereby creating the synchronicity that brings it into your field of experience.  Sympathetic resonance is a well understood phenomenon.  A guitar string will sound when another that is tuned to the same note is plucked.  People of like interests congregate, that has happened here.  How did we all come to connect?  Any group of people who have shared concerns self select, it is through choice and consciousness, matching, but also through reaching out with our minds to find those things, those people that we resonate with.  It can be an unconscious act.

“So through quantum resonance we find what we are looking for.  The clearer the idea we have in our minds the closer we can come to finding it, pull it out of the quantum flux, mould it out of the formless clay and give it reality.  If it isn’t based on something that is possible then it won’t get very far.  Science fiction has been a history of radical ideas that have proved to have potential and have been the basis for an incredible amount of manifested reality."

copyright © 2011 Claire Rae Randall

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